Sun, beach and the sea – as well as numerous famous sights wait to be discovered by you around Cavalair-sur-Mer. Like the glamourous metropolis of the Côte d’Azur, Saint-Tropez, or the beautiful beaches of Pampelonne with the world famous Club55 and Nikki Beach. Both are located just a few miles from your holiday home.

Cavalaire sur Mer

The coastal town Cavalaire-sur-Mer is a very short drive down the hill. Here you will find restaurants, bars, casinos, shopping opportunities, and a four kilometer-long white sand beach with many beach restaurants.

The port offers boat rentals and boat moorings as well as numerous water sports activities.

Saint Tropez

You reach Saint-Tropez by “la Route des Plages” (“beach road”). Immerse yourself in the culture of the Côte d’Azur, known for gleam and glamour, kitsch and myth, but also for its historic city center and the luxury yachts in the harbor.

Sunbathe on the beach and watch the colorful crowds.


Gassin lies about four kilometers away from the sea, on a rocky height in the middle of the Saint-Tropez peninsula. The village boasts an original character due to its winding streets and old houses.

Its literal surroundings, offering a panoramic view of vineyards, forests, and the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, are well worth seeing. From the fortifications, even higher up, the view extends to the Îles d’Hyères, the Massif des Maures, and, with good weather conditions, to the snowy peaks of the French Alps.

Port Cros

The Port-Cros National Park includes the nature conservancy comprising the entire island of Port-Cros as well as the nearby small islands of Baguad, Gabinière and Rascas.

The National Park is the first European national park to combine land and maritime zones. Since 1971, an approximately 1000-hectare sized area on the neighboring island of Porquerolles and the National Institute of Marine Botany (Conservatoire Botanique National Méditerranéen de Porquerolles) located there have also come under the administration of the National Park.

The roughly 30 permanent island residents are subject to the stringent requirements of the National Park administration, as are day guests arriving by boat. Bathing is allowed on only three beaches. Smoking or bringing dogs generally is partly forbidden under threat of substantial fines.

Port Grimaud

Port-Grimaud was founded by architect François Spoerry due to the 1960s tourist migration to the South of France. It has the character of a post-modern planned city which was deliberately inspired by traditional Mediterranean architecture, and thus became an example for many similar projects (from Puerto de Mogan Gran Canaria through to the Palm Islands of Dubai).

The privately financed luxury project was implemented in 1964, starting with the dry lagoon and marshland in Grimaud, Départment Var. The model for the design was Venice, with its canals, bridges and pedestrian streets. The individual houses are equipped with marina berths for the private yachts of the respective owners.

The complex was expanded in 1974, but it remained a private settlement, including the streets and public areas. The onslaught of tourists in recent years has resulted in measures by homeowner associations to protect the endangered privacy more stringently. Among other things, individual transport routes for outside visitors were closed.